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Practitioner Spiritual Consultations
(via Zoom)

This is not therapy but spiritual guidance and help in accessing the Spiritual Truth on your journey through this crazy world so that it can be one of joy and inner peace. 

Sessions are usually an hour in length - we begin with a brief centering on what you want to receive from the session. Then, we discuss your issue and what the Spiritual Principles are that I am guided to give you to help you. Really, the Holy Spirit is the actual Counselor here and we are being healed together through the session. This is not about creating "strategies" for your life, but rather invoking the miracle of transformation. 


(This is for individuals, not couples.)

$200 donation

Affirmative Treatment or Guided Meditation Recordings on MP3

Many of my clients have found these to be extremely powerful tools in healing and in creating miraculous demonstrations of good in their lives. They are personalized according to your specifications. You can specify if you want them to be relaxing or inspiring - to be used in the mornings or to go to bed at night - on whatever topic you choose. We have a chat by email and then I record it on mp3 and send it to you. They are usually between 20 to 30 minutes long.


$200 donation. 

Private Angel Network Channel

Angel Stamp_edited.png

Jacob's PRIVATE YouTube channel for those who financially support the work. Dozens of Jacob's talks and meditations, along with other high Consciousness teachings from some of the greatest metaphysical and spiritual teachers whom Jacob has studied or studied with over the years.

$111 Donation Love Offering

Make a donation through PayPal and request access to the Private Angel Network Channel

Photo by Tom Nelson
Novenas & Prayer Requests

Please fill in the form below with your Novena Prayer Request - or you may mail your request to the address at the bottom. A Novena is 9 consecutive days of prayer (spiritual mind Treatment) for whomever you name or for whatever your request is.  Love Offering (use the donation link above or send to the address below). Brother Jacob will then begin the 9 day Novena in the chapel/classroom in his home - Treating each morning for your request.

Thanks for submitting!

Jacob Glass, 27 W. Anapamu St., #492, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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