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NOTE: Please understand, you are not buying anything here. I have nothing to sell. If you do not follow the instructions below specifically, you will not receive my thank you gift for your donation. Help me help you by reading very carefully this entire page. I primarily have a Prayer Ministry and your tithes and donations are what allow this work to spread across the globe.


  • CD's NO LONGER AVAILABLE  - ONLY MP3's OR a link to a PRIVATE YouTube video.

  • I DO NOT SELL RECORDINGS OF MY TALKS EVER - HOWEVER, THOSE WHO CONTRIBUTE $30 OR MORE BY SNAIL MAIL (US Postal service) OR PAYPAL TO SUPPORT THIS MINISTRY WILL RECEIVE A THANK YOU GIFT FROM ME (a downloadable mp3 file of my latest class OR a link to a PRIVATE YouTube video, please specify which you prefer - these are anywhere from one to two hours long each) by return email. YOU MAY ALSO NOW USE THE "DONATE" LINK ON THIS PAGE WHICH USES PAYPAL. -  (The MP3 links are time sensitive and expire and so should be downloaded to your device or computer asap so you'll have it forever.)

  • THOSE WHO MAIL IN or donate by paypal $125 will receive a new recording each week for a month as my thank you gift to you. ONLY MP3's or PRIVATE YouTube video links available now - NO CD'S ANYMORE. Welcome to the digital age.

  • If you donate $1,200 or more (or $125 a month for a year), my thank you gift to you puts you in the yearly coaching program of one new recording every week.

  • I do not have a master list of the recordings - only the most recent recording is available as an mp3. It is only available for that week and then it is gone forever.

If you would like to support this work you may make a contribution to:


Jacob Glass
733 N. Kings Road, #221
Los Angeles, CA  90069

Email: jacobscourse@me.com

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