Sunday Miracles


(when public meetings are possible again)

This is a kind of Spiritual Boot Camp for those who do not need coddling. There's no singing, no group greetings or question period. Jacob does not hug or talk to anyone before or after. You come in, pay your $30 tuition (must bring exact change or check to Jacob) put it in the box as you enter, there is no "greeter" - you must be able to read and follow simple directions, enter quietly (it's not a party), take a seat. There is an opening meditation, a talk on spiritual Principle, usually plenty of laughter, a closing meditation, and then you leave quickly so Jacob can clear the room. This is held at a small boutique hotel in WeHo with very limited seating.

This is a separate private email list.

If you are interested & want the location and dates, etc. 

you must email Jacob at

and request to be put on the email list.