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You are worthy AF

"You don't live the life you deserve. You live the life you THINK you deserve."

Spirituality can be FUN!
Golden Dust

Since 1984 I've been teaching, writing, mentoring, coaching, healing and helping thousands to reach their full beautiful potential.

     In the 1980's I apprenticed and studied with the best while teaching and working with my own clients and students. By 1990 I started my career full-time and have never stopped. I have written a dozen books, lectured on big stages in Los Angeles and Southern California and many of my clients and students are a who's who of the world - I'm not for everyone. I'm not McDonald's, I'm that hidden restaurant that "if you know, you know."

     I love what I do and my clients and students have gone on to become successful teachers, healers, therapists, leaders, coaches, and even multi-millionaires. If you're ready to upgrade to new levels of joy, success, love, peace, prosperity and health, I'm here to help.

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Living by Grace Consciousness

Distance Energy Work

Channeled Angel Messages

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Guided Meditation Recordings

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Teach only love,
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Love and

In my many decades of working with people, it's clear that most "problems" come down to "people problems." 

     I've often said that there is nothing new about this, "Cain killed Abel" is a sign that even when there's only a tiny group of people, two of them cannot seem to get along. 

     Yet, love is what gives our life meaning - and life is almost nothing but relationships: romantic, family, friendships, business or work, governments and countries. 

     And quite often, the person who is "let go" in a downsizing first is the one with "personality problems" - the one who may be very good at their job but cannot get along with others. Just about everything is boiled down to RELATIONSHIPS in one form or another. This INCLUDES and STARTS WITH the RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF which is about SELF-LOVE!

     There are ways to heal our relationships and I've been teaching them for as long as I can remember - through lectures, classes, workshops, books and counseling. I am good at it and it's very rewarding. 



Masterclasses are 12 week series of twice a week livestreams on Sunday and Wednesday mornings at 10 a.m. PST streamed on a private YouTube channel (but you can watch the video replay as well). 24 sessions in a little over an hour in length with an opening guided meditation.

     You will also receive an mp3 audio of each of the sessions to download so you'll have them forever. 

   Each session includes an inspiring colorful "Joy Journal" handout with support materials for that session. There is also an optional private blog and optional private Facebook group for each series.

$600 per 12 week series

Next series begins

week of June 24, 2024

Virtual Meeting
Invest in yourself
and your dreams
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Kick anxiety
to the curb


Inner  Peace

My real healing and teaching journey began in the early 1970's in very rural Pennsylvania where my doctor was a fabulous brilliant Indian woman (she was a real person, not AI, but the image here is) who asked my parents (right in front of me) "is he worried about something? because this is all in his head."   I had VERY REAL physical symptoms almost all the time, including being covered in hives. This was long before people were talking about anxiety and the "body-mind connection" and usually doctors would simply try to prescribe it away. But my doctor was awesome and on the cutting edge.

     Soon, my mother gave me a book titled, "The Hypnotism Handbook" which taught how to induce a hypnotic state on yourself or others and then use "suggestions" (what I now call affirmations) to change the subconscious mind and create a NEW THOUGHT. It was basically all about how to RELAX yourself. 

     So, this began a fantastic journey into the interior of myself and I've been using it to help and heal myself and others since then - teaching inner peace is my jam. It can lead to success in all areas of life.

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Health and

Healing and health are natural. The enemy of health is most often stress. The body has an Infinite Intelligence - the same Power that created it. This Intelligence knows that what is "incurable" is not "unhealable." Learning how to relax and let the process of healing take place is a journey we are all on for a lifetime. 

    As we learn to love ourselves and treat ourselves with patience, kindness and compassion, many issues begin to resolve themselves.

     I believe in whatever works for each individual. My own methods with my clients and students include prayer, meditation, distance energy work, forgiveness, clearing mental blockages, self-love and more - but this is not in conflict with western medicine and holistic alternative medicines and therapies and whatever else one may choose in their journey to wholeness.


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Start your day
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Golden Dust

a Patron of the
Mystical Arts and Sciences

Your donations help to support the YouTube channel and Manifestation Magazine ministries and are greatly appreciated.

For every donation of $30 or more you will receive the latest class video or mp3 audio download as a thank you gift.

For a $200 monthly auto-pay donation you receive ALL ACCESS to the Masterclass series, private blog and Facebook group, and twice-weekly mp3 downloads. Use the donation link the the header.

Donations are NOT tax-deductible. 

Yoga in Bamboo House



This is a 6 session series of masterclasses I taught for people who want a spiritual base to their work and money. Originally a $1,200 series it is now offered for $444 for the series as audios on a private YouTube channel and downloadable mp3's.

   This is a CONSCIOUSNESS GAME-CHANGER whether you are an entrepreneur, an artist, or even if you work at a corporate job. Transform your relationship with work and money. Based on my personal experience of decades of successfully working for myself full-time since 1990.

(The printed materials are no longer available.)


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