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Jacob Thomas Glass

the High Priest of Prosperity and Inner Peace

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A Course in Prosperity:
the Platinum Prosperity Masterclass
Summer Series


You are worthy as fuck. Period.

It all comes down to your self-concept and feelings of worthiness. You are your own Master Demonstration. Being YOU to the max is what you came here to express. Be who YOU want to be, do what YOU want to do, have what YOU want to have.

The series includes 24 videos (1 livestream and 1 video per week usually which you may join live or watch later on private youtube channel video and also as a downloadable mp3 audio) plus access to the private daily blog and private instagram account.

12 weeks - 2 video classes per week

begins first week in July 2021

$300 through paypal or venmo

(That's only $12.50 per class so that most everyone can join!! But you must give the full $300 in advance, no refunds.)


You are WORTHY as fuck!

That's just how it is. 

The Mad Sexy Mystic of the Desert

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Weekly Masterclass with Jacob Glass

I take a holistic approach to positive self-image psychology, prosperity, inner peace, spirituality and joy.

Because . . . life is supposed to be fun.

email Jacob at

to inquire about cost for livestreams.

Palm Springs area wedding officiant

Non-denominational minister for over 35 years


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contact Jacob at for info. and availability


Jacob also does blessings and energy cleansing of your home for those living in the Coachella Valley.