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the Platinum Prosperity Series

in association with the Desert Angels

12 weeks online at your convenience - begins April 4, 2021

Creating a life of: Health - Happiness - Love - Success - Prosperity and Plenty of Money

You will have an all-access pass for 2 livestreams per week (which you can watch as video later if you cannot be there for the livestream), a daily private blog, private social media and more.

There is a Sunday morning livestream of inspiration and lessons,

and the "Well Being Wednesday" livestream focusing on Inner Peace.  

$300 donation (an over $800 value)

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I am here to help you help yourself.

I see your beauty, worth and value.

I know you can manifest inner peace, prosperity, health, love and joy with the right tools and encouragement.

Come on in if you've had enough of anxiety, stress, worry, negativity, pain, lack, limitation and  suffering.

Because . . . life is supposed to be fun.

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Dreams don't have deadlines. It's not too late for you.

J A C O B   T H O M A S   G L A S S

For over 35 years, Hollywood celebrities, entrepreneurs, billionaires and thousands of regular folks have turned to best-selling author, teacher, lecturer, healer, mentor and spiritual counselor Jacob Thomas Glass for guidance, inspiration, help and healing. He is known as a "teacher of teachers" since many of his classes have been and are attended by therapists, ministers, Buddhist monks, yoga teachers, spiritual authors, life coaches, body workers, healers, nuns, priests, psychics and "influencers" of all kinds. He teaches from his heart, head and gut in a very simple, profound, deep and humorous way. In a world of carbon copies, he is a magical one-of-a-kind unicorn who is here to tell you that you are wonderful, you are worthy and you deserve to live the life you choose.

M y s t i c   o f   t h e   D e s e r t

Jacob has experienced the physical death of his parents, sister, two brothers, many classmates, friends, lovers and hundreds of men and women he knew or served during the very intense years of the AIDS crisis. He knows that life is eternal - birth is not the beginning and death is not the end, but rather a continuation of life in another dimension. Raised in rural Pennyslvania by loving parents who struggled with depression, alcoholism, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, violence and great financial stress and fear, he knows that these Principles actually work and that we can change our lives by changing our Consciousness and paradigms. He has taken the journey from living in lack, limitation, anxiety, being bullied and more - away from victim consciousness into a life of love, inner peace, JOY and prosperity.
Jacob has been teaching, doing private sessions and spiritual consultations for over 35 years. Working with Universal Spiritual tools, his Angels, intuition and decades of practical experience, he can help those who are need some help in finding their way or in moving to their next level of good through New Thought Spirituality and Mysticism.

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Jacob's books in paperback and Kindle at Amazon.

You are worthy. You are enough. You deserve to thrive.


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