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Join Jacob's virtual "Secret Society" spiritual boutique of
classic old school metaphysics & mysticism -
because life can be joyful and magical.

In this crazy fearful world, Jacob's 35 years of experience in teaching and coaching offers inner peace, joy, and an awakening to the Presence of God-Within. He has taught thousands and thousands of students over the years and many of his students are ministers, coaches, healers, social workers, therapists, psychologists, authors and other spiritual teachers. 

His teachings are based on the Principles of A Course in Miracles, Ernest Holmes, Catherine Ponder, Joel Goldsmith, Neville Goddard, Joseph Murphy, Byron Katie, the Tao, Reverend Ike and many other classic spiritual teachers and teachings applied to the craziness of daily modern life.  He changes people's lives.


Through private weekly videos and weekly mp3 downloads he inspires, uplifts, encourages and reminds people who they are. These are available for a donation of $30 each or for a donation of $125 a month. These are thank you gifts for supporting this boutique ministry for modern mystics.


Jacob is decidedly irreverent, funny, politically incorrect & blunt yet kind.  He is here to inspire, soothe, uplift and sometimes give a good spiritual boot camp kick in the butt.


Jacob sees some private clients when he has time. 

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You CAN have inner peace, joy & prosperity

even in these exceptional times, because

YOU are an exceptional being.

You were not born to merely survive but to THRIVE.

Your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

Together we can make your mind a friend and ally in

enjoying the life you have and/or creating the life you choose.

#nobullshit   #thisshitworks

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You Are Enough

If one does not keep pace with her companions, perhaps it is because she hears a different drummer. Let her step to the music she hears, however measured or far away.

Henry David Thoreau

But ye are a chosen generation . . . a peculiar people, that ye should show forth the praises of God who called you out of darkness into His marvelous Light.

1 Peter 2:9

I am as God created me.

A Course in Miracles

You are so free you can choose bondage.


You don't live the life you deserve. You live the life you THINK you deserve. Open up, expand your Consciousness and expect miracles.


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Who You ARE

You are not broken or damaged.

You are not a victim or a survivor.

You are a thriver.

You are a unique being.

You see things differently.

You are not a "warrior" of any kind.

You choose oneness rather than

focusing on separateness.

You know there is only one race:

the human race.

You choose Principles over politics.

You choose to prosper & thrive.

You take a positive approach to life.

You are choosing love over fear.

You are choosing peace

over fighting to win & "hustling."

You choose peace, joy, prosperity,

success, happiness and 

living happily ever after.

You choose progress, not perfection.

You know you are here to joyfully expand and live as you choose.

You don't argue for your limitations.

You allow yourself to dream and you know that nothing is ever stopping you but a story in your head.



Jacob's books

"There is a

Divine Conspiracy to

bless, prosper, love

and heal you."

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