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How's your inner peace and joy?

Life is meant to be joyful.

B r o t h e r   J a c o b

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A Virtual Center for Creators

"Creating a legacy of miracles."

You don't live the life you deserve. You live the life you THINK you deserve - the one you expect and allow. You are not broken or damaged and you did not come here to fix a broken world. In fact, you were born to shine and to have your happy dreams come true.

     Joy, inner peace and prosperity are your Divine Birthright. Anything else is the result of erroneous thinking and false beliefs about yourself and what you think is possible for you in this life.  The lack of self confidence and spiritual understanding are often the only things that are missing in the lives of those who play too small and settle for less than their Divine Destiny. 

     Brother Jacob has helped thousands of people to change their thinking and thereby change their lives. 

     Old, young, conservative, liberal, gay, straight, bi, trans, black, white, whatever race or ethnicity, I see you only as a Spiritual Being without labels because Principle does not discriminate or show favor. We are all the many colored threads in the Master Tapestry - as long as you are respectful and king, you are valued and are welcome here.

Jacob Glass writes the most stunning prayers.

They're like beautiful poetry.

They hit you right in the middle of your soul.

- Marianne Williamson



Right now, just the way you are.

Say it out loud, 'I am enough."

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"I freely give my tenth to God 

and reap a thousandfold."

Mark 4:8, 4:20



S l o w   D o w n
B r e a t h e
R e l a x
L e t   G o

Invest in yourself.


No Bullshit

Wisdom from

the Crabby Angels

12 Weeks of Daily Guidance

When we relinquish religious and spiritual hangups, we can find a direct path to Source which leads to a life of greater inner peace, joy and prosperity. But it is so easy to forget this connection and become distracted by a world which grows noisier and more aggressive every day.

The Crabby Angels are here to help with those no-nonsense reminders which bring us back into alignment with Spiritual Truth and that Truth is always wholeness, love, abundance, health, joy and greater good.

In this book, Brother Jacob brings through the messages his Angels give to him and shares them with the reader during a 12 week process of support, encouragement and some radical truths. 

You can be, do and have the life you choose with a little help in remembering Who you are and what is possible for you. This book is one of those reminders. 

teen esteem

Life is hard for everyone because everyone has a mind that thinks - and many of those thoughts can be negative and repetitive, causing anxiety, depression, anger, fear and frustration. But we can learn how to actually change our thoughts, and thereby change our lives.


Power Thoughts for Teens and Young Adults is 365 days of daily affirmative statements to start the day by guiding the mind to higher confidence, self esteem, and inner peace. Simply read one page first thing each day and let the thought set the tone and get you off on the right foot. We cannot control the world outside of us, but we can change our inner world and find our own path to joy & success.


Available in paperback and on kindle

at Amazon.

The I Am Meditations


The way we start the day is vitally

important to our success and happiness in life.

Our mind can be our best friend or our worst enemy. Make friends with your mind with 365 days of Affirmative Meditations to start your day off on the right foot. You can read them in order or just plop the book open each day for your positive affirming success statement.

Keep your joy and peace rising every day this year.


Boot Camps


Like so many of us, Brother Jacob was bullied - not only in school by other kids but even violently attacked by a homophobic teacher. This carried on for years into his adulthood until he came to see that the real bully was the one living in his own mind. As he says, "the calls are coming from inside the house!" The outer bullying is sometimes nothing compared to the beating going on inside our own inner conversations - until we change the way we think and speak about ourselves.

"What are you saying TO yourself ABOUT yourself?"

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