Jacob Glass

Teacher, author, coach,

sexy AF gay daddy and

international supermodel.

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Slow down. Breathe.
Relax. Let go.
You are enough.

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Jacob's latest books!

a Course in Prosperity
and the Abundance Journal

Transform your money consciousness and get more out of life!

60 days of daily money magic mantras to blow your mind open into the receptive mode!

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New York Times
best-selling authors
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Jacob's writing

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Marianne Williamson
Author of A Return to Love

Jacob Glass writes the most stunning prayers. They're like beautiful poetry. They hit you right in the middle of your soul.

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Fannie Flagg
Author of Fried Green Tomatoes

Just in the nick of time, Jacob Glass has written a book of wonderful modern prayers to help us address the fears and the problems of living in this world of today and tomorrow. Thank you Jacob!

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Begins on Saturday, August 14 at 10 a.m. PST

or watch the replay anytime over and over

$2,000 tuition

Meditation Class


 and classes in the Coachella Valley

Guided meditation, visualization, goal-setting, anxiety reduction.

(We usually sit in chairs though, not on the floor.)

I have groups of 8 in my private classroom or sometimes can come to you.

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Worthy AF:
the Masterclass Summer Series


You are worthy as fu**. Period.

It all comes down to your self-concept and feelings of worthiness. You are your own Master Demonstration. Being YOU to the max is what you came here to express. Be who YOU want to be, do what YOU want to do, have what YOU want to have.

The series includes 24 videos (1 livestream and 1 video per week usually which you may join live or watch later on private youtube channel video and also as a downloadable mp3 audio) plus access to the private daily blog.


12 weeks - 2 video classes per week

$300 through paypal or venmo

(That's only $12.50 per class so that most everyone can join!!

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You are worthy as fu**!

That's just how it is. 

I love you. I love you. I love you.