Do you yearn for inner peace in these chaotic times?
Peace is possible
Welcome to the virtual
Mountain Monastery Retreat Center
Take a deep breathe and step inside
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I am an author, teacher, spiritual advisor.

If Spirit led you here somehow and you sense that there is something here for you - welcome. This is a kind of Secret Society in that people have been coming to me for well over 30 years without any advertising or efforts on my part. 

I am a non-denominational minister and the leader of this virtual online boutique ministry I call our "God Squad." I do not consider myself Christian or a member of any organized religion but I do use the teachings of Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, A Course in Miracles, Joel Goldsmith, Ernest Holmes, Catherine Ponder and many other metaphysical and mystical teachings. I teach through my online quarterly series of livestreams and videos, private Facebook group, and private daily blog. This is NOT done through Zoom so Squad members can remain private, or participate in what I call our "self-serve" ministry or academy where YOU choose when and what you use. It is my honor to do this work with great JOY.

You are worthy AF!

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Set your course for more joy
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Learn through JOY instead of through pain.

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