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Jacob Glass writes the most stunning prayers.

They're like beautiful poetry.

They hit you right in the middle of your soul.

- Marianne Williamson


Jacob has been teaching since the 1980's and is a "teacher of teachers." His students and clients range from billionaires, grammy and Oscar winners to stay-at-home parents and everything in-between. He is raw, politically incorrect, hilarious, wise and is often called "the real deal" by those who've been around the spiritual and consciousness block. 

He is in his fourth decade of an international non-denominational ministry of joy and inner peace. There is simply no one like him and he is in a category all his own. He has authored over a dozen books and resides in sunny Palm Springs, California.

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Sunrise over the Wheat Field


Expect Miracles:
the path of most joy

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12 weeks of livestream classes,
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Heal your relationship with money.

It's easier and more fun than you think.
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Learn through JOY instead of through pain.

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