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Mission - Purpose - Intentions - Philosophy

The goal is a return to joy, sanity and inner peace through the principles of a Course in Miracles and other mystical teachings of the ages. Through livestreams, live classes, books, articles, videos and mp3 recordings the message of the Christ Consciousness is spread to those who feel called to these teachings. This is not Christianity and includes those of all religions and of no religion.


This message is that God's Will is always GOOD, that we all have direct access to God, that we are to live life to the fullest (abundantly), and that God is LOVE. We are all the multi-colored threads in the Master Tapestry. Each one is unique and yet all are ONE IN GOD. Sin is an illusion. There is no hell except the one we make in the present moment. Life is eternal and we are all loved and welcomed into the Kingdom right here, right now. You are loved, lovable, and worthy.

Brother Jacob:
Jedi Monk, Peacemaker, Licensed JOYOLOGIST

Brother Jacob is a non-denominational minister, teacher and author. He has been writing, teaching, lecturing and counseling since the mid 1980's throughout Southern California - in San Diego, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara. His sessions are deep, funny, uplifting, and life-changing. He has been teaching spirituality and prayer from the age of 8. He worked in a Franciscan Monastery after high-school and entered full-time ministry in 1990 after moving to Santa Barbara and beginning to lecture on A Course in Miracles at the Unity church. He uses the title "brother" instead of "reverend" because both the monks at the monastery and textbook of a Course in Miracles uses that particular title - it denotes equality rather than hierarchy, since everyone is equal in God.

a Few Guiding Principles

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