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Mission - Purpose - Intentions - Philosophy

The goal is a return to joy, sanity and inner peace through the principles of a Course in Miracles and other mystical teachings of the ages. Through livestreams, live classes, books, articles, videos and mp3 recordings the message of the Christ Consciousness is spread to those who feel called to these teachings. This is not Christianity and includes those of all religions and of no religion.


This message is that God's Will is always GOOD, that we all have direct access to God, that we are to live life to the fullest (abundantly), and that God is LOVE. We are all the multi-colored threads in the Master Tapestry. Each one is unique and yet all are ONE IN GOD. Sin is an illusion. There is no hell except the one we make in the present moment. Life is eternal and we are all loved and welcomed into the Kingdom right here, right now. You are loved, lovable, and worthy.

Brother Jacob:
Jedi Monk, Peacemaker, Licensed JOYOLOGIST

I began this work 40 years ago at a metaphysical Spiritual Center in Southern California. My students and clients range from billionaires, major celebrities, entrepreneurs, artists, creators, moms and dads, and many people in recovery and 12 step groups and everything in between. I have been totally out of the closet from day one and spiritually served the AIDS community in Santa Barbara when no one in any of the churches would even say the word. I am known as a "teacher of teachers" because so many of my students have become life-coaches, therapists, ministers, and healers.

    I was raised in the Catholic Church, and trained in New Thought and have been studying A Course in Miracles since 1984 so I consider myself non-denominational. My services take full advantage of my very colorful background in spiritual service which also includes working in a Benedictine Monastery in my late teens where Novenas for the dead were their main service. Prayer is still the main focus of my daily practice and in the service I render, along with teaching classes, writing books and coaching individuals.

   I've been in full-time spiritual service almost as long as I can remember and I am very happy to be living in Santa Barbara again on a full-time basis. 

a Few Guiding Principles

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