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Jacob Thomas Glass

Author, teacher, coach, mentor, mystic

Jacob's books in paperback and Kindle at Amazon.

Jacob Glass writes the most stunning prayers. They're like beautiful poetry.

They hit you right in the middle of your soul. - Marianne Williamson

t h e   P a l m   S p r i n g s  M y s t i c

Sunday Uplift livestream with Jacob

Livestream (or watch later on video)

Sundays at 10 a.m. PST - only as part of the 12 week class series, no individual livestreams

I take a holistic approach to positive self-image psychology, prosperity, inner peace, spirituality and joy.

Because . . . life is supposed to be fun.

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Don't believe everything you think! Mind your mind.

Your mind can be your best friend, or your worst enemy.

Learn how to make your mind a good friend as

you think the thoughts that bring peace, joy and success.


Jacob's Masterclasses

Four 12 week "stand alone" series per year:

Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall

You can join any of the series without having done a previous one. 

Join anytime - series are ongoing

12 weeks online at your convenience

Lessons on: Inner Peace - Health - Happiness - Love - Success - JOY - Prosperity and Plenty of Money

You will have an all-access pass for 2 livestreams per week (which you can watch as video later if you cannot be there for the livestream), a daily private blog, private social media and more.

(ALL livestreams on private youtube NOT on Zoom.)

There is a Sunday morning livestream of inspiration and lessons,

and the "Well Being Wednesday" livestream focusing on Inner Peace.  

$300 donation PER SERIES (an over $800 value)

OR you may donate on PayPal AUTOPAY at $125 per month or more

to be enrolled in the Masterclasses.

Simply donate through the paypal button at the fop of this page.

You may also donate through Venmo or Applepay.